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One of our report for a visit of her Majesty the Queen

Mathilde of Belgium

report for royal visit

Why doing a photo shoot? Which photographer to choose?

All of us have a camera or a smartphone at hand. We freeze everything: our holidays, our family meals or our evenings with friends, the first school year of the children ...

Nevertheless, it is useful to call a professional photographer from time to time.

An images that reveal your personality, which are just like you. Quality photos at a photographer for a professional need :

  • Do photo shoot in studio or outside...
  • This is an opportunity to have beautiful portraits of you, 
  • for your CV in order to be valued at best in a company or for your own account
  • to enter a modeling agency or update your photo book, for the trombinoscope of your company
  • for professional social networks
  • to share it with familly & friends
  • to offer a calendar...

A photo shoot can also have a therapeutic effect, for example after a breakup or job loss, we can lose confidence and have a negative image of oneself.

How works a photo shoot

First of all, call us to see what are your expectations, what we can offer and fixing an appointment..
Few days before your photo shoot, you will receive a document which explain how work a shooting and proposed different background (beach, forest, autumn, winter, industrial, Xmas, corporate, ... more than 20 available)

  • The duration of a photo shoot in studio is around 60 to 90 minutes
  • You come with 2 or 3 set of clothes: corporate, casual, funny or could be linked to the colour of the background you selected.
  • Few minutes to set up light & selected background
  • Few photo tests to check the light and gain confidence (ice breaking)
  • Now, let's go for fun...
  • After a few days the photos will be published on a secure online storage. 

Conditions and tips

  • If you wish, we can also ask for a makeup artist
  • if you are shy or stressed, do not hesitate to come with a friend to encourage you.
  • Any person under 18, MUST come with an adult. 
  • Due to GDPR regulation, a "confidentiality agreement contract" will be provided for each photo shoot or report
  • For free sessions or with discount price, in counter party, we will select a set of photos that will serve for promotional purposes.