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Our selection of picture of the Brussels' Pride 2023 is available:

Brussels Pride 2023
Brussels Pride 2023


One of our report for a visit of her Majesty, the Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

report for royal visit

As a photographer, we always love the opportunity to work with new talent and help them build their portfolios. In this "Best Of" collection, I've compiled some of my favorite images from the photo shoots.

Each photo captures a unique moment and showcases the model's natural beauty and confidence in front of the camera. From playful poses to serious expressions, these images highlight the model's versatility and ability to bring different moods and emotions to the shoot. The variety of settings and lighting techniques also adds to the richness and depth of the collection, creating a visual story that is both captivating and inspiring. 

I hope these images give you a sense of the magic that happens during a photo shoot and the power of photography to capture beauty and emotion. Enjoy the Best Of collection, and feel free to share your favorite images with your friends and followers. I'll walk you through each step of the photo shoot, from the first test shots to the final images. 

You'll see how I provide direction to the model, offer feedback and encouragement, and adjust my approach to fit her unique style and personality. Whether you're a fellow photographer looking for inspiration and tips, or simply someone who loves beautiful photography, this video is sure to be a treat. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey as we create stunning images together.

photo shoot Hanna photo shoot Sony @Photodays Brussels photo shoot Hanna : fire & ice photo shoot Anne   Photo shoot Kids photo shoot Robine @Photodays Brussels photo shoot @Photodays Brussels photo shoot @Photodays Brussels photo shoot @Photodays Brussels photo shoot Hanna photo shoot Hanna

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